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The ClassAI Story

During his sophomore year, Jordan was planning his schedule and was quickly becoming frustrated as he watched a handful of the courses he had become excited to take get filled up before his registration date. Jordan thought that there must be a better way and began to envision several solutions that he hoped would help him and other students. In November 2017, Jordan decided to finally make ClassAI a reality, and began collecting the data that would power ClassAI for the Fall 2017 registration process.

In January 2017, Tyler, a friend of Jordan's since freshman year, heard about the project and instantly shared his passion for finding a innovative solution to the problem of students not having information about what classes they can actually get into. After joining Jordan as a co-founder, the two, over the next few months, brought the vision for ClassAI to reality and launched the platform in March 2017, to help students plan their Fall 2017 semester.